Aventa Systems, LLC is a Select Cisco partner. Our staff includes Cisco CCNP and CCDP (Cisco Certified Network Professional and Cisco Certified Design Professional) personnel. Aventa has years of experience deploying advanced networking solutions with many successfully completed networking projects.

We raise our chances of success by strictly adhering to a process. Since networks are built to enable businesses, we always listen to customers to get an understanding of their requirements before preparing a network design. The design is based on industry best practices and our practical experience. It follows Cisco hierarchical design recommendation leading to a faster, more reliable, and fully predictable deployment. Along the way, documentation is produced including project requirements, overview of existing network infrastructure relevant to the project, logical and physical topology, IP addressing, routing and security configurations.

Next, we build simulated networks to resolve problems and compatibility issues and perform an analysis of network designs to eliminate unexpected events during deployment.

Finally, we configure all equipment, deploy the equipment, test the network against customer requirements, and perform any additional verification.


Our core competence is to integrate many communications technologies currently found in wide geographical area outdoor networks. We are uniquely experienced with a wide variety of network architectures, field conditions and historical realities of communication systems in use by Departments of Transportation, Transportation Authorities, Municipalities and other government agencies.

We have completed numerous projects utilizing the following communications implementations:

– 100Mb, 1G and 10G Ethernet over fiber, single- and multi-mode

– Ethernet over TWP, short and long range ( over 2 miles)

– Private Wireless, Point-to-Point, Point-to-MultiPoint and MESH in various  frequency spectrum from 400Mhz to 80Ghz, including unlicensed  and FCC Licensed bands.

– Over public Internet, using cable, Fios, T1 and Wireless ISP services and utilizing various security techniques, such as VPNs 



– Traffic management, Incident detection and management, ITS devices management, VMS, PSIM, LPR software systems

– Virtual Environment solutions for Control Center application servers and storage

– Video Walls

– Site redundancy and fail-over sites



SMART CITY is a fairly recent concept combining various technologies and addressing a number of issues associated with high density population centers. Our SMART CITY integrated solution includes the following sub-systems:

– Intelligent Transportation System solution 

– Adaptive Traffic Light Control System 

– V-to-X system 

– Intelligent Environmental monitoring  system ( Air Quality, Noise, Ice, Flood, Lighting)

– Over Height Truck detection system

– Bridge Monitoring System (includes statistics and prognostics features) 

– Tunnel Monitoring  System  ( includes statistics and prognostics features )



A unique application combining light controls with surveillance, analytics, gate control with license plate recognition, and GPS tacking with a modern operation center with the goal of providing security and ensuring safety.

The operator interface is a map displayed in a browser and it presents real time status of the area with user interface elements
allowing for complete control of the entire system. Integral part of the solution is the communication network.


Traffic Monitor is a cloud-based traffic monitoring and road performance analysis software.

The software will monitor traffic anywhere instantly. It can identify and present congestion trends and get travel time data that can be integrated with message boards. Before and after analysis can measure the impact of infrastructure investments. The historical insights gained thanks to this software allow for strategic planning of future transportation infrastructure.

The origin and destination can be selected at any point on any busy road. Current and historical data can be viewed in HTML, CSV, XML, and in a chart form.

The cloud-based software has many advantages over other systems. The cost is substantially lower because there is no more expensive roadside hardware that involves design, procurement, installation, maintenance, electricity, and communications over the internet or the agency’s own network. The selected pairs are not limited to where there are existing and functioning hardware Bluetooth roadside devices that collect MAC address. Web based software requires no installation or hardware.

In the long term, use of the Traffic Monitor software can improve road safety and increase the utilization of road infrastructure, cut down on the adverse ecological impact of road traffic, and reduce economic cost in terms of lost time and wasted fuel.

Download a brochure here.


Video Systems: cameras, encoders, decoders, video management systems, storage, analytics

Networking: switches, routers, firewalls, network design, configuration, testing, Cisco certified CCDP/CCNP

Wireless: 3G/4G, 900 MHz – 80 GHz, AP/PtP, PtMP, mesh, satellite, Siklu, Bridgewave, Ubiquiti, Proxim, Cambium, Motorola

Network management systems: installation and configuration, Solarwinds, OpenNMS.

Solar power equipment: custom fully integrated systems with solar panels, cabinet, charge controller, inverter.

Software: off-the-shelf installation and configuration, custom code.

Vehicle detection: congestion and travel time, bluetooth, radar, laser, audio.

Over-height vehicle detection systems: laser-based, full integration with message boards, flashers, and cameras

Enclosures: custom, standard DOT, integrated, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, modification, mounts, and brackets.

Sensor systems: environmental, Internet of Things, smart building

Access control systems

Fiber-optic equipment

Poles with lift/lowering systems for cameras and wireless devices

Uninterruptible power supplies: Alpha, Eaton, APC, Tripp Lite.

Remotely controlled power outlets (IP PDU).

Surge protection devices

Display boards

License plate recognition

Blast detection systems

Advanced security systems: long range 3D LIDAR object recognition, special security and intelligence applications, biometric sensors.