AVENTA SYSTEMS - A Boutique Solutions Supplier


  Systems Integration

 We maintain a well equipped facility in Lodi, NJ to carry our work and  conduct  various testing as required by customers.     

 Our know-how includes the following:  

Intelligent Electronic Systems

  •          CCTV, DMS/VMS, RF and Laser Radars , OHVD, TTS, RTMS, Traffic Control, ATMS
  •          ITS Poles with lift/lowering systems for CCTV Cameras and Radios
  •         Fiber/Copper/Wireless Networks
  •          License Plates Recognition systems (LPR)
  •          Environmental sensors
  •          IP Video, NVR, Video Analytics, Ethernet/Sonet networks
  •          Rugged and Redundant Systems
  •          Blast detection systems
  •          Overheight Vehicle Detection (OHVD)
  •          Solar Powered ITS sites
  •         Control and Management Centers 
  •         Custom Hardware/Software development
  •         Advanced Biometric sensors
  •         Digital Analytics

 Wireless Systems

  •      APs, PtP, PtMP and MESH 
  •           900Mhz - 80Ghz
  •           Satellite Systems      

  Integrated Control Cabinets

  •            Custom made aluminum, stainless steel and plastic cabinets            
  •            Standard DOT enclosures
  •            Modifications/Customizing